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Each year CPA Practice Advisor asks its accounting professional readers about their choice of software products. The survey results show what CPAs prefer when it comes to handling challenging projects in their practice. The 2021 Readers’ Choice Award for business valuation software was a major win for ValuAdder.

2021 was an exceptional year as the world continued to deal with the pandemic that affected us all. Perhaps more than ever, professionals turned to technology to keep things going as well as they could. Software tools became even more important to address pressing needs of business clients.

ValuAdder – the 2021 Readers’ Choice Award winner

The results of the survey are in! More CPA Practice Advisor readers prefer ValuAdder software for their business valuation projects than any other competitive product.

CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice Awards 2021WINNER

ValuAdder Voted #1 in Business Valuation for 2021 by CPA Practice Advisor Readers!

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Why ValuAdder is a standout

CPAs are a major group of professionals using business valuation software in their work. Business clients have a relationship of trust with their CPAs. They turn to them when faced with the need to get a reliable business valuation.

Business valuation makes for a challenging assignment even for a seasoned CPA. As a result, accountants look for time saving tools to get the job done.

What it takes to win a Readers’ Choice Award

So why do accountants prefer ValuAdder software? Because the valuation tools they get are second to none.

A complete set of standard business valuation methods

You have the flexibility to run any valuation – from a simple value look-up to a full scale professional appraisal. Plus, save a lot of time while doing so.

Worksheets that let you input financial statements and calculate discount and cap rates

Since the worksheets open in the familiar Excel ready for editing, you can use any income and balance sheet statement format you want.

One click data import and automatic valuation calculations

Once you finish the financial statement normalization, click on a button in ValuAdder.  The software imports all the data and runs multiple valuation methods for you. The results are in front of you in a flash!

Financial analysis tools included

Often CPAs act as financial advisors to their clients. No surprise then that they find the Net Present Value and internal rate of return (IRR) tools in ValuAdder quite handy. As a result, accountants can help clients screen business investment projects.

Summary reports created with a mouse click

CPAs often need to educate their clients about the numbers they get. None more important than interpretation of a business appraisal. Here again ValuAdder helps. You can sit down with a client and walk them through the valuation as it appears in the software window. That’s right, from the financial statements, assumptions made, valuation calculations used, all the way to the results.

State of the art technology

Many CPAs work on multiple computers. So it helps a lot that they can run ValuAdder on a Windows PC, Apple Mac, or both. Best of all, they pay only once and get the alternative computer copy for free.

Rock solid security

Computer malware is lurking in every corner these days. To protect our customers, ValuAdder software is code signed and whitelisted by Microsoft as safe. In addition, the software is also notarized by Apple as malware free. So you can put the proverbial pedal to the metal and get the projects done – worry free.

Reference: CPA Practice Advisor 2021 Readers’ Choice Award winners.

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