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Freecash Review – Is Freecash Legit?

May 24, 2024

Freecash pays you to test apps, play games, and answer surveys. Learn what I think of this site in my Freecash Review. Looking to make some extra money online? Maybe you’ve heard of Freecash, a well-known website where you can get paid for testing apps, playing games, and answering surveys. Here’s how it works: Do…

Freecash pays you to test apps, play games, and answer surveys. Learn what I think of this site in my Freecash Review.

Looking to make some extra money online? Maybe you’ve heard of Freecash, a well-known website where you can get paid for testing apps, playing games, and answering surveys.

Here’s how it works: Do tasks, earn rewards, and then you can change those rewards into cash or free gift cards.

Freecash users have earned over $75,006,920 over the years altogether, which is a lot of money!

I personally know that Freecash is real. I have earned $420.21 from this site, and I have received $420 in free Amazon gift cards.

Click here to sign up for Freecash.

Key Takeaways

  • Freecash is a real website where you can get paid for testing apps, playing games, and answering surveys.
  • They have instant withdrawals, and you can withdraw for PayPal cash, gift cards, and more.
  • Earnings can vary, and many are able to make around $10 or more daily.

Freecash Review

Below is my Freecash review.

What Is Freecash?

Freecash is a website that helps you make money online. It’s as simple as playing a game or doing a short survey. Freecash gives you easy tasks to do on your computer or phone, and each one earns you coins.

It takes on average 17 minutes and 16 seconds for a user to earn enough for their first cashout, which is pretty quick!

When you sign up for Freecash, you’ll see different offers from companies they work with. These offers include:

  • Filling out surveys
  • Trying new apps
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games

Freecash was started in 2020 by Almedia Online LLC, and it’s grown a lot since then, with millions of people downloading it. Lots of people go on Freecash every day, and with just a little work, they can make extra money.

There are currently 11,709 different ways to make money on Freecash right now, and you can earn up to $225 per offer (most offers are lower than that, though).

How to make extra money on Freecash

When you join Freecash, there are many ways to make money with different online tasks.

You can get paid on Freecash to do things like:

  • Welcome bonus – There is a welcome bonus when you join Freecash.
  • Take surveys – Share your opinions in surveys. Companies need your feedback, and you get paid for providing it. For each 5-10 minute survey, you can get paid $1.00.
  • Play games – To attract more players, gaming companies want to pay you to play their games. You can get paid from $0.50 to $120 per gaming app.
  • Try apps – Check out new apps and services. Use them, tell what you think, and get rewarded. You can get paid from $1.00 to $75 per app.
  • Referrals – You can get paid to refer your friends and family to Freecash. For example, you can ask your friends to join by adding a link to your social media account. I make money as an affiliate too.

They also have streak rewards, where you can earn a bonus for completing offers on a regular basis.

Plus, you can make even more money by taking part in their leaderboard contests. These are bonuses where you compete with others to see who can make the most money each day and month for extra prizes (such as an extra $50 for reaching the top place on the daily leaderboard or $500 for reaching the top place on the monthly leaderboard). And, you don’t need to be in the top 10; the top 1000 users get a leaderboard prize, although it gets smaller depending on your place.

As you can see, there are many ways to make extra money on Freecash in your spare time.

How Freecash works

It is easy to get started with Freecash and make extra cash. You just need to:

  • Sign up – Create an account using your email.
  • Choose an offer – Take your pick from the tasks on the earn page. Freecash lists the best offers from companies that want to advertise their apps, surveys, and products.
  • Complete the offer – Most offers are very simple and take around 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • Get paid – For each task you complete, you’ll be rewarded with coins: 1000 coins = $1.00. Your coins can be redeemed for cash, crypto, and free gift cards.

How does Freecash make money?

Okay, so after reading the above, you may be wondering what the catch is. Why does Freecash pay you?

Freecash partners with companies that want to advertise products or services. Here’s how it works:

  • When you play games, test apps, or take surveys, these are actually ways companies get your feedback or show off what they offer.
  • Freecash charges these companies for the advertising and market research services. Basically, businesses pay to hear from you or get you to try something.

Freecash uses a part of that money to give you rewards. It’s like a thank you for your time and opinions.

Freecash payment proof
Here’s my Freecash payment proof. I redeemed a bunch of my coins at once the other day.

How to cash out your earnings

Cashing out your earnings on Freecash is easy. I have done this many times and it is very quick. Plus, there is a low payout threshold.

Freecash gives you several options to withdraw your earnings:

  • Cash – You can transfer your rewards directly to your PayPal account or to your bank account via a bank transfer.
  • Cryptocurrency – If you prefer digital currency, you also have the option to convert your coins into various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.
  • Gift cards – You can redeem your coins for free gift cards to places like Amazon, Visa, Google Play, Apple, Netflix, Spotify, Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, Steam, Blizzard, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.
  • Skins – You can also withdraw your coins for Fortnite, Roblox, League of Legends, and more.

Withdrawals are typically processed quickly – usually the same day you request them.

When I recently withdrew my coins and exchanged them for Amazon gift cards, I received the Amazon gift card codes within minutes.

Pros and cons of Freecash

Before getting into the details, understand that Freecash gives you ways to make money by doing different tasks. But it’s important to think about how much time you have and how much money you could make from each task.

Some of the pros of using Freecash include:

  • It’s easy to use – You get to make money by doing things you might already enjoy, like playing popular mobile games or testing new apps.
  • There are many different kinds of rewards – Freecash has diverse rewards, such as gift cards, cash, and cryptocurrency.
  • There is higher earning potential than many other rewards sites – Some tasks can pay over $200, though such high payouts are not the norm. On average, you could earn around $10 per day.
  • Good reviews – The app is well received, with a 4.1-star rating on Google Play and over 60,000 reviews.

Some of the cons of using Freecash include:

  • There may be some time commitment – Your earnings are directly tied to the time you invest. If your goal is to earn a lot of money, it may require substantial time, and there may be better ways to make money if you need to make a lot of income.
  • You need to do your research – Not every task will be worth your effort. You’ll need to perform due diligence to make sure that you’re making the best use of your time.

What are the best apps for earning free gift cards?

If you are looking for other apps that pay with cash or free gift cards, you have many more options. These apps usually reward you for completing simple tasks, surveys, to watch videos, play games, and even shop.

Some of my favorites include:

What other reviews on rewards sites do you have?

If you are looking to learn more about other rewards and survey sites, I have in-depth reviews on several of them. You can find them below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions about Freecash.

Is Freecash legit or not? Is Freecash a scam?

Yes, Freecash is a legitimate site. There are over five million downloads on Google Play (an average of 4.1 stars with over 60,000 reviews), and it has high ratings on Trustpilot as well (an average of 4.5-star rating with over 81,000 reviews) – many people use and trust it.

How much can you make on Freecash?

Your earnings can vary, but Freecash users often make small amounts for quick tasks and potentially $20 or more for longer offers. The daily average payout is around $26.40. The amount of money that you can make on Freecash varies. They do have a fun leaderboard where you can see how much the top people are making each day. For example, when I checked, someone had earned $75 that day already, and the next 10 people each earned over $40. For the monthly leaderboard, the top person 17 days into the month had already earned $1,588.21. The next 139 people on the leaderboard had already made more than $400 that month as well.

Are Freecash games legit?

Yes, the gaming offers on Freecash are legitimate. They partner with various companies and reward you for trying out different games.

How long does it take to get money on Freecash?

Payments usually come quickly after you finish a task, though sometimes it might take a bit longer depending on the task’s conditions.

What is the minimum payout for Freecash?

Freecash often has a low minimum payout threshold, but the exact amount may change, so check the specific way you want to withdraw. You can cash out on PayPal with as low as $5, and the same goes for Amazon as well.

Why does Freecash pay you?

Freecash pays you for completing offers, surveys, and tasks because they get paid by advertisers and market research companies looking for input or engagement.

Should I use Swagbucks or Freecash?

Your choice between Swagbucks or Freecash depends on which platform’s tasks and rewards align better with your preferences and which one you find more user-friendly. I use both.

Does Freecash actually pay you?

Yes, Freecash pays out provided you meet the requirements of the tasks you’ve completed. I have personally earned $420 in Amazon gift cards on Freecash.

Is Freecash free to use?

Absolutely, Freecash is free to use. You don’t need to spend any money to sign up or participate in most offers and tasks.

Freecash Review – Summary

I hope you enjoyed my Freecash Review.

Freecash is a site and mobile app with a user-friendly interface that teams up with companies that want people to try their stuff and give feedback. When you join in and do what they ask, you get rewarded.

This is a way to make extra money from home but not get rich. It is also not a full-time job. But, it can be a way to make some spare money in your free time at home.

How much you make on Freecash depends on how much time and work you put in. Some people say they make about $10 every day without spending any money. And some are able to make hundreds of dollars a month and sometimes even well over $1,000.

Click here to sign up for Freecash.

What do you think of Do you have any other questions you’d like me to answer in this Freecash Review?

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