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Five Surveys Review: Is It Legit?

May 3, 2024

The following Five Surveys Review is a sponsored partnership with Five Surveys. Welcome to my Five Surveys Review! If you want to earn extra cash from home on your own schedule, I recommend trying out Five Surveys. This honest review of Five Surveys is going to explain what Five Surveys is, how Five Surveys works,…

The following Five Surveys Review is a sponsored partnership with Five Surveys.

Welcome to my Five Surveys Review!

If you want to earn extra cash from home on your own schedule, I recommend trying out Five Surveys.

This honest review of Five Surveys is going to explain what Five Surveys is, how Five Surveys works, and how you can earn spare cash with paid online surveys on Five Surveys.

If you’re interested in earning money online, you might have come across Five Surveys. This site pays users to complete surveys, giving an easy way to make extra cash from home. Unlike other survey sites that pay low amounts, Five Surveys has a simple deal: complete five surveys and earn $5.

I’ve been taking surveys for years, and I find it to be an easy way to earn extra money in my spare time.

I personally signed up for Five Surveys and have started taking surveys to test it out for you, my reader. One thing I really love about Five Surveys so far is the amount of surveys that are available. Already on the first day, there were 42 surveys that I could get started with, with more being added all the time.

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Five Surveys Review

Below is my Five Surveys review.

What Is Five Surveys?

Five Surveys, also known as 5 Surveys, is a website where you get paid to answer surveys online.

For every five surveys you finish, you can earn $5. Yes, once you answer your fifth survey, you can make quick cash, and they have a lot of available surveys for you to get started with.

If you’re all about making some extra cash, Five Surveys could be your go-to. Here are some reasons why I personally like Five Surveys:

  • This survey site is easy to use – Everything can be found right from the dashboard once you log in.
  • There are lots of surveys available – There are tons of surveys waiting for you, anytime. Whether it’s day or night, you can log in and find a survey to answer.
  • Fair payment for your time – For every 5 surveys you finish, you get $5. That means you’re earning $1 per survey, which is good for a few minutes of sharing your thoughts.
  • Get paid now, not later – Hate waiting? With Five Surveys, there’s no more watching the clock. After you complete 5 surveys, you can redeem your earnings.
  • Great customer service – They have a 24/7 live chat support team for any questions that you have.

When I first signed up for Five Surveys, I immediately received 42 surveys that I could start with. They ranged anywhere from 1 minute to 29 minutes. And, the way that the Five Surveys online platform works is that you need to answer 5 surveys to get the $5.

Five Surveys Review Sample Surveys
The surveys that you will see once you sign up for Five Surveys.

How Five Surveys works

Five Surveys is a platform where you can earn money just by sharing your thoughts and input through surveys.

Here’s how to get started on Five Surveys:

  1. Sign up – First, you need to create an account. It’s free! You can join Five Surveys for free here.
  2. Verify email – After signing up, check your email to find a verification link. Click it to activate your account.
  3. Take surveys – Once your account is all set, you can start taking surveys. These surveys are a way for you to share your opinion on different things.
  4. Earn money – For every 5 surveys you take, you get paid $5. That’s like getting $1 for each survey you complete!
  5. Cash out – When you’re ready, you can take this money and put it in your pocket. The cash out process is simple and quick.

You may occasionally come across screen-outs (this is when you start a qualification survey but are deemed not their intended target market), but the more surveys that you take then the easier it is for Five Surveys to match you with better surveys with your customer profile. For example, the qualifier may ask if you have children, but the survey’s target criteria may actually be looking for households with no children. So, you will see less inconvenience when it comes to these with the more surveys that you take.

Note: The answers for the pre-survey questions need to be accurate and detailed so the you have more relevant surveys available.

Why does Five Surveys pay you to answer surveys?

Ever wondered why companies pay for your thoughts on surveys? It’s because your opinions matter! Companies want to know what you think about their products and services because they want to create things that you’ll like and want to buy.

Market research firms act like detectives for companies, gathering clues about what people want. They create surveys for us to fill out, which helps them figure out what products should be like. As a thank-you for your help, these companies reward you with cash and other payment methods.

What kind of questions are asked in surveys?

When you visit online survey sites to earn extra cash, you might wonder what kinds of questions you’ll be asked.

The questions can vary from survey to survey, but they tend to focus on your opinions about products or services, your preferences, and sometimes personal details such as whether you have pets or children at home and geographical characteristics (where do you live?).

I have taken over 100 surveys in my lifetime, and I have never once come across a hard question. They are always super easy and quick to answer.

Here’s a sneak peek into some typical questions that you may see:

  • How frequently do you eat out?
  • Is cost a big deal for you when shopping for something?
  • What do you value in a product like ____?
  • How much do you use items such as ____?
  • How much money do you make each year?
  • What fills up your free time?
  • Do you do a lot of research before you buy something? Or, do you impulse shop?
  • How many trips do you make to the grocery store in a month?

Survey creators design these questions to be easy—they don’t require you to be an expert or a genius.

In some surveys, you might come across detailed questions about specific items, while others might be broader and aim to understand you better. This helps companies figure out why certain products or services might be a good fit for you.

Five Surveys Payment Options
Here are some of the payment options you will see on Five Surveys.

How to cash out with Five Surveys

Getting your earnings from Five Surveys is quick and easy.

You simply go to your Five Surveys account and choose your withdrawal method. You can choose between PayPal cash, bank transfer, Venmo, and gift cards.

They have gift cards to places such as Walmart, Olive Garden, Southwest Airlines, Chewy, Apple, and more. There are over 187 different rewards that you can choose from actually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions about getting paid to take surveys with Five Surveys.

Is Five Surveys legit?

Yes, Five Surveys is a legitimate survey site known for rewarding people who complete surveys. On TrustPilot, Five Surveys has over 1,600 reviews with a good rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars (that means that most people have a positive experience on this site!). Some of the positive Five Surveys reviews that I read on TrustPilot talked about how Five Surveys is the best survey site due to the number of easy surveys available that pay a decent amount.

Can you actually earn money by completing surveys?

You can earn money by completing surveys on Five Surveys. The platform pays out cash and other rewards for the feedback you provide in surveys. Remember, the amount you earn will depend on the number of surveys you complete.

Does Five Surveys really pay?

Five Surveys does pay its users. Upon reaching a minimum account balance, you can redeem your earnings through different methods like PayPal, bank transfer, or Venmo, and also in the form of gift cards.

Is Five Surveys worth my time?

Whether Five Surveys is worth your time depends on your goals. It is an easy way to earn small amounts of money, but like most survey sites, it won’t replace a full-time income. It’s a decent option for earning a little extra on the side.

Is Five Surveys free?

Signing up for Five Surveys is free.

Five Surveys Review – Summary

I hope you enjoyed my Five Surveys Review.

Understanding how Five Surveys works is easy. Once you complete five surveys, you’ve earned $5, which you can cash out using the payout options offered by the site (such as PayPal cash and free Amazon gift cards).

For me, I love how easy it is to get paid to answer online surveys. You can take surveys while watching TV, while waiting for some food to cook, while doing chores, and more. It is super flexible and you can do it right from your phone or computer.

Please click here to sign up for Five Surveys.

Do you like to take surveys to earn extra cash? What other questions do you have for my Five Surveys Review?

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