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Earn More Credit Card Rewards With This AI-Powered Wallet App

Apr 24, 2024

The following is a sponsored partnership with Kudos. Have you heard about Kudos – the free AI-powered wallet that helps you get more out of your credit cards? In this Kudos Review 2024, I’ll explain how this desktop browser extension and iPhone app helps you earn the maximum rewards and benefits when shopping online. With…

The following is a sponsored partnership with Kudos.

Have you heard about Kudos – the free AI-powered wallet that helps you get more out of your credit cards? In this Kudos Review 2024, I’ll explain how this desktop browser extension and iPhone app helps you earn the maximum rewards and benefits when shopping online. With the average Kudos member earning $750 per year, you won’t want to miss out on this game-changing tool!

With Kudos, you can always choose the best card for maximum rewards at checkout, easily autofill your card information (including CCV) with just one click, find new cards that match your shopping preferences, and more.

Plus, Kudos has helped its members earn $150 million in rewards and counting!

The best part? Kudos is completely free. That’s right—no hidden fees. Just shop like you normally do, and Kudos automatically helps you during checkout to maximize your rewards.

If you don’t want to leave money on the table, there’s no reason not to use Kudos to take the guesswork out of deciding which credit card to use for each online purchase.

Personally, I find Kudos incredibly helpful. As someone with multiple rewards credit cards, each with their own unique benefits, Kudos saves me a ton of time by instantly identifying the best card to use for each transaction. This not only simplifies my life but also helps me earn more money!

This is great so that you are using the full potential of your credit cards.

And, even if you only have one credit card, Kudos is still helpful! This is because, at many online stores, you can still double your rewards for using the Kudos browser extension and earn points to put towards free gift cards.

You can download Kudos for free by clicking here. Plus, use code “CENTS” to earn $20 back after your first eligible Boost purchase.

Key Takeaways from this Kudos Review 2024

  • Kudos is a free AI-powered wallet that maximizes your credit card rewards when you shop online, whether you’re buying groceries, clothing, travel packages, furniture, or anything else—all with a single click.
  • With Kudos, you no longer have to guess which credit card to use for each purchase. Just shop like normal and Kudos will automatically recommend the best card to make sure you always earn the highest cashback, points, or miles on every transaction.
  • Kudos supports over 2 million stores, so you’re virtually guaranteed to find your favorite retailers and maximize your rewards with them.
  • Even if your credit card doesn’t typically offer rewards, you can still earn rewards by shopping through the Kudos browser extension at participating merchants.
  • Kudos is compatible with all major desktop browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge) and is also available as an iPhone app, making it easy to boost your credit card rewards across every device.

Kudos Review 2024

Below is my Kudos review.

What is Kudos?

Kudos (also known as Kudos Technologies, Inc.) is a helpful AI-powered browser extension and app designed to help you make the most of your credit cards, particularly when shopping online. It was founded by Tikue Anazodo and Ahmad Ismail, and Kudos has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, The Motley Fool, Nasdaq, and more.

Think of it as a smart wallet for your browser. Driven by the complex world of credit card rewards, the Kudos team created this tool to simplify the process.

Here’s how it shines: Select the cards you commonly use (without the need for any sensitive bank details) and Kudos tells you which one to use at checkout. You see, your cards might be packed with potential rewards for different spending categories—travel, groceries, or dining.

Different credit cards have so many different benefits (such as the rewards percentage, extended warranties, purchase protection, insurance, and more), which can be difficult to keep track of.

Kudos makes sure you’re using the best card possible to earn the most rewards, which is especially useful if you have more than one rewards credit card.

Members have collectively earned over $150 million in rewards with Kudos. On a personal level, you could boost your annual shopping rewards by an average of $750 just by using Kudos.

Plus, Kudos is super user-friendly. You can add it to your preferred desktop browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge) or use it on your iPhone, and it’s completely free. The service makes money by earning a small commission when you shop at participating stores or sign up for a card through their recommendations.

When you shop without Kudos, you could be missing out on opportunities to earn rewards with your purchases. Why miss out on potential earnings when Kudos provides a free and simple solution?

Kudos also has a really helpful Instagram account full of helpful credit card tips. I highly recommend checking that out here.

kudos rewards merchants

How Kudos works

Imagine you’re online shopping, ready to checkout, and you pause, thinking, which credit card do I use? That’s where Kudos steps in, always there to give you the best advice.

Kudos knows your cards and suggests which one to use at checkout. But how? First, you add your credit cards to the Kudos wallet. It’s safe and simple. When it’s time to buy something, Kudos pops up and says, “Hey, use this card!” Why? Because it’s the card that will give you the most rewards or savings for that purchase.

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Download the Kudos browser extension (takes less than a minute to do) on your desktop browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge) or iPhone. You’ll also answer basic questions like your name and the type of credit card you have (such as the Chase Freedom card).
  2. Shop like you normally do.
  3. Once you’re ready to checkout, Kudos will automatically appear to let you know which credit card you should use to get the most rewards and benefits.
  4. Click the card you want to use and Kudos will then autofill the card info, making checkout a breeze.

What stores does Kudos work on?

Kudos works at over 2 million online stores and with over 3,000 credit cards – so there’s a very good chance that it’ll work for you.

Don’t see a store supported or can’t find your card? Their support team is super responsive and will help you out!

Screenshot of Hidden Perks on Kudos. Earn more credit card rewards with kudos.
After I told Kudos what credit card I wanted to add, the site then told me what benefits I have.

Kudos vs. other rewards tools: What sets Kudos apart?

When it comes to maximizing credit card rewards, Kudos stands out from other popular tools like Rakuten, Honey, and Capital One Shopping.

While these platforms primarily focus on providing cashback offers or coupon codes, Kudos takes a more comprehensive approach to optimize your entire credit card strategy.

What sets Kudos apart is its AI-powered technology that analyzes your specific credit cards and spending habits to recommend the best card for each purchase.

This makes sure that you’re not only earning cashback but also maximizing your points, miles, and other card-specific perks. By considering factors like bonus categories, statement credits, and exclusive benefits, Kudos helps you get the most value out of your credit cards.

Key Features of Kudos

When shopping online, you want to stretch your dollar as far as it can go. Kudos has features that make this easy by helping you get the most out of your credit cards such as:

Maximize your credit card rewards

When you’re shopping online, Kudos helps you pick the best card to use to maximize your rewards and benefits.

With Kudos, you no longer have to guess which credit card to use. This AI-powered wallet automatically recommends the best card for each purchase, making sure you always receive the highest cashback, points, or miles possible.

I personally didn’t even know that one of my credit cards had some of the benefits that Kudos listed, and I can’t believe I had been wasting so much money by skipping out on such a valuable benefit! Kudos makes it very easy for me to see my card’s benefits all in one easy place.

Plus, if you’d like, you can add your credit card information to Kudos, and Kudos will autofill your card info (including CCV) to make checking out fast.

Another way that Kudos helps you earn more rewards is because Kudos helps you build your Dream Wallet so you can get the most out of your everyday purchases. You’ll go through a quick quiz to help Kudos gather information about your needs.

Double your rewards with Kudos Boost

With Kudos, you can increase the amount you can get in credit card rewards with just one click.

If you usually earn 4% cash back when shopping at sites like Walmart or Sephora, you’ll now earn a total of 8% back with Kudos Boost. The best part? You can earn Boost at participating stores even if your card doesn’t offer its own rewards.

Kudos Boost are reward points you earn by shopping at Boost merchants.

It works like this:

  1. Shop at one of Kudos’ 15,000 participating Boost merchants
  2. Click “Activate Boost” on the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Use Kudos at checkout – At checkout, Kudos will find your best credit card to use, autofill the payment forms, and match your credit card rewards.
  4. Redeem rewards for a gift card

You’ll receive an email from Kudos around 1-2 days after completing an eligible transaction. After the store confirms your purchase it usually takes between 60 to 120 days for your rewards to be available, and you can then find your rewards on your Activity page on Kudos.

When you’ve earned 1,000 Kudos Boost points (equal to $10.00 USD), you can exchange them for an Amazon gift card.

Receive personalized credit card recommendations

Stop wasting time opening up credit card application pages on incognito. You can receive access to elevated card offers on Kudos’ Explore Tool through their partnership with The Points Guy.

So, if you are looking for a new credit card, use Kudos to help filter the best one for you and your situation and compare different cards in one easy place.

For example, Kudos member Christina L. was able to get 150,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $6,000 on the Amex Platinum card within the first three months of account opening. That’s almost double the 80,000 points after spending $8,000 found on the American Express website!

Answer all your credit card questions with MariaGPT

Maria GPT is an AI-powered, personalized assistant designed to answer all your credit card questions, available on the Kudos mobile app.

She can help you understand the benefits of your current cards and offer personalized suggestions for new cards based on your spending habits, goals, and objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kudos Review 2024

Below are common questions about Kudos, the free AI-powered wallet.

Is Kudos free to use?

Kudos is free to use.

How does Kudos make money?

Kudos earns a small affiliate commission when you make an online purchase at one of their participating merchants. Additionally, if you use the Kudos Explore Tool to apply for a new credit card, Kudos may receive a payment from the credit card issuer.

Is there a Kudos referral code?

Yes! Sign-up for Kudos for free and use the Kudos referral code “CENTS” to earn $20.00 back after your first eligible Boost purchase.

How much can you earn with Kudos?

On average, Kudos members earn $750 per year in rewards by using the app to maximize their earnings.

Do I need to provide my credit card numbers to use Kudos?

No, you don’t need to enter your credit card numbers to use Kudos. Simply select the cards you have in your wallet, and Kudos will help you maximize your benefits at checkout. Providing your credit card information is optional if you want to speed up the checkout process.

Can I use Kudos with other browser extensions?

If you use Kudos Boost and then activate another rewards program like Rakuten, Honey, Capital One Shopping, or others during the same shopping session, Kudos may not be able to earn an affiliate commission. To make sure you get maximum rewards, it’s best to use Kudos exclusively during your online shopping.

Is Kudos wallet legit?

Yes, Kudos is a legitimate browser extension and app used by over 200,000 shoppers who have earned over $150 million in rewards. You can find genuine user reviews on trusted platforms like Trustpilot, Chrome Web Store (4.8/5 stars from 667+ reviews), and the Apple App Store (4.7/5 stars from 3,500+ reviews).

Is Kudos safe and secure?

Yes, Kudos prioritizes user security and employs industry-leading protocols, including bank-grade 256-bit encryption, to safeguard your data. Kudos handles your personal and financial information with the utmost care and never sells or shares it with third parties. You can feel confident and secure when using the Kudos browser extension and app.

Kudos review screenshot

My Kudos Review 2024: Final Thoughts

I hope you found this Kudos review informative and helpful in understanding how this AI-powered wallet can help you maximize your credit card rewards.

Navigating the world of credit card rewards can be overwhelming, but Kudos simplifies the process with its intelligent recommendations. By analyzing a database of over 3,000 cards, Kudos ensures you always use the best card for each purchase, boosting your rewards effortlessly.

In addition to its AI-driven recommendations, Kudos streamlines your online shopping experience with a one-click autofill feature. This not only saves you time but also guarantees that you’re always using the card with the most advantageous benefits for each transaction.

Personally, I find Kudos to be a must-have shopping tool. As someone with multiple rewards credit cards, each with their own unique perks, trying to determine which card to use for every purchase can be time-consuming and confusing. Kudos eliminates this hassle by automatically identifying the best card for each transaction, allowing me to maximize my rewards efficiently.

Even if you only have a single credit card, Kudos can still help you earn more rewards. By shopping through the Kudos browser extension at thousands of participating online stores, you can accumulate points that can be redeemed for free gift cards. This means that regardless of how many credit cards you have, Kudos enables you to optimize your rewards earning potential.

Kudos also helps users find new credit cards through its partnership with The Points Guy, a well-known credit card rewards and travel website. By using the CardMatch service, Kudos helps users find the best credit card offers tailored to their specific needs and spending habits. This feature is particularly useful for those looking to expand their credit card portfolio and maximize their rewards earning potential across multiple cards.

You can sign up for Kudos for free by clicking here.

Do you use Kudos? What other questions do you have for this Kudos review?

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