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29 Best Jobs In Nature To Make Money

Apr 10, 2024

Are you looking for the best jobs in nature? If you really enjoy being outside and care about nature, you might want to find a job in the great outdoors. Nature careers let you work outside instead of in an office and let you be part of nature. Whether you’re helping people go fishing, studying…

Are you looking for the best jobs in nature?

If you really enjoy being outside and care about nature, you might want to find a job in the great outdoors.

Nature careers let you work outside instead of in an office and let you be part of nature.

Whether you’re helping people go fishing, studying animals as a wildlife scientist, or coming up with new ways to help the environment as an engineer, jobs in nature can be really satisfying and make a big difference.

Best Jobs in Nature

Below are the best jobs in nature.

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1. Park ranger

Being a park ranger could be your dream come true if you love the outdoors and nature.

A park ranger works in places like national parks. They take care of the forests, mountains, and lakes, and their days are spent outdoors, helping animals and keeping nature beautiful for visitors.

This job is more than just a walk in the park. You may guide people on tours, answer questions, and sometimes help find lost hikers. You need to know a lot about the park and care deeply for nature.

Park ranger pay starts at about $30,000 and can go higher.

2. Conservation scientist

If you love nature and want to protect it, think about being a conservation scientist. They get to work outdoors, study wildlife, and help keep the planet green.

Conservation scientists play a big role in looking after our world, and their job is to study plants, animals, and habitats to understand how they all work together. Then, they come up with plans to protect these natural resources.

3. Nature photographer

One of the most popular jobs that involve nature and travel is a nature photographer.

When I was growing up, becoming an outdoors photographer was actually one of my dreams.

Nature photographers take photos of the outdoors. You could work for magazines (like “National Geographic”), websites, conservation groups, or even stock photo sites (like Getty Images). Some nature photographers sell their photos to make money. You might work in far-off forests, mountains, or even your local park.

Nature photography is a competitive field, so you will need very high-quality unique photos to stand out. You’ll need to understand how to use different lenses and equipment like tripods. And, you’ll want to have lots of practice taking photos of wildlife and natural scenes.

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4. Marine biologist

If you love the ocean and its creatures, being a marine biologist might be just the thing for you.

Marine biologists do important work like studying the tiny life forms in water, such as bacteria and tiny plants. They also investigate how the ocean is changing and what that might mean for our planet’s future.

When you’re in school, it’s important to concentrate on science classes. When you get to college, you’ll have the chance to learn even more about marine life. Plus, being a marine biologist can pay well. On average, you could make about $66,350 per year or more.

5. Fly-fishing guide

If you love the idea of working outside and are passionate about fishing, consider becoming a fly-fishing guide. They spend their days on the river, helping others catch fish and enjoy nature.

A fly-fishing guide’s main job is to teach people how to fly fish and/or bring them to areas where they can catch fish.

Popular fly-fishing areas all over are in constant need of fly-fishing guides. So, you may be able to find guiding jobs in amazing places like Alaska, Montana, and Colorado.

6. Wildlife biologist

Wildlife biologists study animals and how they interact with their environment. They also may track animal numbers to see how many there are, write reports on wildlife findings, and help make sure animals are safe when new buildings or roads are made.

They work outside in forests or parks, or inside at a lab.

jobs in nature - Environmental engineer

7. Environmental engineer

Environmental engineers use science and math to figure out how to tackle pollution and other problems (such as climate change) that hurt nature.

They get to be creative and use tools and technology to come up with solutions that make sure the water we drink is clean, the air we breathe is fresh, and the places where plants and animals live are safe.

8. Landscape architect

Landscape architects plan and create parks, gardens, and outdoor spaces that make towns and cities nicer places to live and visit.

Landscape architects typically need a degree in landscape architecture to start this career.

On average, landscape architects make around $50,000 a year, but they can earn over $100,000 each year.

9. Geologist

Geologists study the Earth and understand its history. This job can take you to many different places, from deep sea explorations to high mountain treks.

A geologist’s work involves looking at rocks, fossils, and other natural materials to learn about the planet’s past and chemistry, as this helps predict future changes and find resources like oil and minerals.

To become a geologist, you usually need a bachelor’s degree in geology or environmental science. Some geologists have a master’s degree, which can lead to more job possibilities and higher pay.

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10. Environmental scientist

Environmental scientists spend their days figuring out how to fix environmental problems, such as by testing air and water to make sure it’s clean, or coming up with plans to protect animals and their homes.

11. Hydrologist

Hydrologists research how water moves across and under the earth, and they even predict floods.

To become a hydrologist, you typically need a degree in a field like environmental science to get started. Hydrologists earn around $85,000 a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

12. Wildland firefighter

Wildland firefighters fight fires in places like forests, grasslands, and parks. They save trees, animals, and even people’s homes.

Firefighters have a challenging yet important job. Every day brings something different. Sometimes, they’re using tools to cut down trees and prevent fires from spreading. Other times, they might work with helicopters to reach fires in difficult locations.

There are more and more wildfires that are happening these days, so there is a big need for more firefighters. This is a very tough job, though, where you need to be in good physical health.

13. Forester

Foresters work with trees and help keep forests healthy and beautiful.

Foresters take care of both public and private forests to benefit the economy, recreation, and conservation. They keep track of the kind, amount, and where trees are, and figure out how much they’re worth. They negotiate buying trees and make contracts for getting them.

They also decide how to protect wildlife homes, rivers, water quality, and soil, and follow environmental rules. They make plans for planting new trees, watch over trees to make sure they’re growing well, and decide when it’s best to cut them down.

jobs that involve nature and travel

14. Botanist

Botanists, also known as plant scientists, study different aspects of plants and crops to improve their growth and health. They research breeding, how plants grow, how to make them produce more, and how to manage them.

They also look into the soil to understand its chemical, physical, and biological makeup and how it affects plant growth. Some botanists classify and map soils and check how different farming methods affect soil and crop health.

Botanists can work for a government agency, nature conservancy, nonprofit, and more.

15. Wind turbine technician

Wind turbine technicians work on the giant fans you see in fields or on hills (I’m sure you’ve seen these before; they are massive!). Their job is to make sure they’re in good shape to turn wind into power for people’s homes and businesses.

The number of jobs for wind turbine technicians is expected to increase by 45% from 2022 to 2032, which is a lot faster than the average for all jobs.

16. Solar energy specialist

Solar energy specialists work with solar technology to create electricity from the sun’s power.

Solar energy specialists know a lot about how solar panels work and help plan big solar power projects, choose the right equipment, and figure out the best place to put solar panels.

They may sell solar panel setups to homeowners and businesses, or even try to convert a whole community to solar power.

17. Arborist

Arborists take care of trees to help them live long and healthy lives.

Arborists climb trees, use power tools, and make sure trees are growing well. If a tree is sick, they figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

18. Organic farmer

If you love working outside and care about where food comes from, think about becoming an organic farmer. As an organic farmer, you get to grow food without using chemicals.

Jobs in nature without a degree - Camp counselor

19. Camp counselor

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and love nature, being a camp counselor might be one of the best summer jobs for you. This is also one of the easier entry-level jobs in nature to start with.

A camp counselor’s days can be filled with fun activities like hiking, swimming, and crafting.

20. Zoologist

If you are looking for careers in nature and animals, then a zoologist may be a top choice.

I know for many kids such as myself, becoming a zoologist and working at the zoo was a nature career that I really wanted.

Zoologists study animals and wildlife to understand where they come from, how they behave, their diseases, genetics, and life functions. Some focus on researching and managing wildlife. They collect and analyze data on living things to see how land and water habitats are affected by human use.

You may get to work at a zoo, in an office, a laboratory, or for government agencies.

21. Field researcher

A field researcher explores and studies the environment.

Their main task is to learn about plants, animals, and the places they live. They take notes, take photos, and sometimes collect samples during their fieldwork. They may also use tools to measure things like temperature and water quality.

22. Surveyor

Surveyors get to work outside and play an important part in construction and mapping projects. They use tools like GPS, lasers, and robots to take precise measurements of the land.

Their main job is to find out where property lines are and to help create maps that builders and architects use to make sure everything fits and is in the right place.

I recently met someone who said they were a surveyor their entire life and had just recently retired. They were talking about all of the places that they had traveled to, and it sounded like a great nature career to be in.

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23. Adventure guide

As a guide, you may lead trips on many different kinds of adventures. You could specialize in hiking trips, camping trips, canyoneering, rock climbing, rafting, and more.

You may work for a local guiding company, or you may open your own guiding company.

This can be a great way to be in nature, have fun, and meet new people, all while making an income.

24. Tour guide

If you love nature and enjoy showing others the beauty of the outdoors, becoming a tour guide could be the perfect job for you. As a tour guide, you get to lead tours and share knowledge about your area with visitors from all around the world.

25. Ski instructor

Ski instructors get paid to spend their days on the slopes by teaching people how to ski. And, you don’t need to be a professional skier to get started with this job either – this is something you can get trained to do with on-the-job training.

26. Outdoor educator

An outdoor educator is someone who shows people how to enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly.

Outdoor educators can work in different places like forests, parks, and even remote areas. Their office might be a trail in the mountains or a campsite near a beautiful lake.

27. Environmental health officer

An environmental health officer’s main job is to make sure that the places where people work are safe and don’t harm the environment.

They check out different locations, from offices to factories, and look for anything that might be dangerous.

careers in nature and animals - Wildlife manager

28. Wildlife manager

A wildlife manager takes care of animals and makes sure they have a safe place to live.

Their job includes looking after animal homes called habitats and keeping track of the animals, making sure they are healthy.

They work in lots of different places like parks, forests, or even wildlife preserves.

29. Public health advocate

A public health advocate makes sure everyone has a healthy environment to live in. They work with all sorts of people to help protect the places they love, like parks and rivers, from pollution and other harm.

For example, they may work with community leaders to find the best ways to keep air and water clean, share important health info with the public, and help make laws that protect nature.

These types of jobs can typically be found in nonprofits or in the private sector, such as in environmental protection or in the private conservation sector, solving environmental issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions about how to find the best jobs in nature.

Which job is best for nature lovers?

For nature lovers, being a park ranger tends to be the dream job. They get to spend their days outdoors, maintain the beauty of natural parks, and educate visitors about conserving these precious areas. There are many other amazing jobs in nature as well, such as becoming a nature photographer, a marine biologist, a guide, or a geologist.

What is the highest paying job in nature?

If you are able to run your own business in a nature field, then that may be the best way to make the most money in nature, such as by starting a nature photography business or an outdoors guiding company. If you are looking for the highest paying job in nature, then becoming a scientist may be the best way to make the most money.

What are the best jobs in nature without a degree?

You don’t need to be a scientist to get a nature job. The best jobs in nature without a degree may include nature photographer, outdoors guide, surveyor, and ski instructor.

Are there any careers focusing on animals and nature?

Yes, there are careers that let you work with both animals and nature, such as wildlife rehabilitation specialists who care for injured animals, or environmental educators who teach about wildlife conservation.

What wildlife job pays the most?

Jobs like wildlife biologist and zoologist typically pay the most in the wildlife sector. Salary can depend on experience and location, but the average yearly salary is usually around $60,000 and up.

What jobs involve nature and travel?

If you’re interested in traveling and working in nature, then you may want to become a field biologist or ecotourism guide. These jobs tend to need travel to different natural habitats and allow for hands-on work with the environment. Another option is to become a nature photographer and travel to take photos.

Best Jobs in Nature — Summary

I hope you enjoyed this article about the best jobs in nature.

There are many different jobs you can do in natural places, and there is something for all sorts of interests and abilities. Many of the jobs above have a competitive salary where you actually get to enjoy or believe in the work that you do.

Because I have traveled full-time for around a decade, I have met people who work in all sorts of different nature jobs over the years. From outdoors photography (I made a few friends who were National Geographic photographers, actually!) to surveyors, guides, scientists, and more, there are so many amazing people working in nature.

If you love nature, I hope you are able to find the best job in nature for you and your interests so that you can have the highest job satisfaction.

What do you think are the best jobs in nature?

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